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It has been observed that kids fully express their personalities only in their own bedrooms through furniture. Whether your little one is ready to make the move from cot to the toddler bed or your twin’s desire to upsize the set-up of bedroom that’s made for sleepover, you will find a variety of children’s beds on the market that puts the fun into functionality and one of them is mid sleeper bunk bed. Being a parent, it is crucial for you to create a practical bedroom environment that offers your kids a comfortable place to sleep and relax. If you are short on space or you have limited room space, mid sleeper bunk bed is an ideal option for you.

What Are Mid Sleeper Bunk Beds?
As their name suggest, these beds have mid height with a top bunk sleeping area with an underneath area that can also be used for a variety of purposes like for playful activities, storage, etc. These beds are lower to the ground and usually come with a sturdy ladder or a shorter staircase for easy climbing to the top bunk. They are highly popular in very younger kids who may struggle to climb into higher bunks. These beds are also great for freeing up more room space for them to play. Mid sleeper bunks are highly in demand because they are affordable, fun and practical options that are providing your kids a comfortable sleep every night as well as an element of imagination during play. In addition, if you are looking for a space-saving solution for your child’s small bedroom, these beds are the perfect option. They not only provide optimum comfort for a good night’s sleep to kids but they also offer fantastic storage facilities. These beds are multifunctional and an absolute must for any child’s bedroom. Bedtime will become more special and will be far from a struggle for your kids when they look forward to sleeping in.

Moreover, there are several renowned furniture brands and retailers that can offer you broad selections of mid sleeper bunk beds in a variety of designs, colours and styles as well as cleverly-designed mid sleepers with desks, cosy tunnels, tents and slides for extra fun. These beds also come in a range of specifications and sizes, so it will become easy for you to find a mid sleeper bed that is the perfect fit for your child’s room. They offer you endless options in beds, so whatever your budget, you will surely choose a bed that complements your kid’s room completely. Mid sleepers also come in a variety of themes, from showtime, princess and pirate designs to army theme, digger and fairy theme, etc. Themed bunk beds are specifically designed to make your kids’ bedroom fun and an enjoyable place where they love to spend time playing and sleeping.

Construction Of Mid Sleeper Bunk Beds
There are many renowned furniture designing and manufacturing firms in UK that made high quality mid sleeper bunk beds for kids by using peak standard materials. Their beds are crafted to the highest standards by qualified and experienced tradesmen in the UK who have the ability to deliver that personal touch in their construction. They design and built unrivalled mid sleeper bunks for your little ones by using high quality metal and eco-friendly solid woods like Scandinavian pinewood, oak, etc, to ensure their beds can last throughout childhood and beyond. With their vast selections of kids mid sleeper bunk beds, you will surely find your desired item easily. Whether you are interested in space-saving solution for your small kid’s room or desire to purchase a perfect themed cabin, mid or high sleeper bed in your kid’s favourite colour, they offer you endless choices for selection. You will find many options in wooden bed frames as compared to metal ones because wooden bunk beds are considered as more robust, stronger, and long-lasting. Metal bunks come with fixed ladders whereas wooden sleepers come with reversible ladders that can be positioned to the left or right hand side of the bed. Whether you want to create a traditional or a contemporary bedroom for your kids, wooden or metal bunk beds will complement to any room décor. You can find a fantastic range of wooden or metal beds in the market for your boys’ and girls’ rooms. The mid sleeper beds are also available as single or double sleepers to provide additional storage and even more room for a desk. Moreover, available either with stairs or ladders as well as with loads of exciting features, mid sleepers are the perfect combination of sleep and play. These beds are safe for kids because of their solid construction. These space-saving beds are the fun and functional furniture options available in wooden and metal frames with a wide range of colours that your kids will love to have in their rooms.

Why Choose Mid Sleeper Bunk Beds For Your Kids?
Being a parent, choosing the right bed for your child can be a daunting task. If you have only one child or spacious home space, then buying a plain old simple divan or a bed frame in a minimalist design with a mattress is fine but if you have more than one child or limited or small room space, bunk beds are ideal options for you. You will find endless options in bunk beds like high sleeper bunk beds, cabin beds, mid sleeper bunk beds, etc. Mid sleeper bunk beds are considered as a great option for young children to teen-agers. If you are not sure why you should consider getting a mid sleeper for your kid, some of the important reasons are as below.

1- Mid Sleepers Are Available In Different Styles, Colours & Designs:
Kids love exciting designs, alluring colours and different designs. To meet every child’s need, mid sleeper beds comes in a wide range of designs, colours and styles. From minimalist to traditional and modern design, from natural wood and painted to high glossy finishes and from simple and carved to creative styles, you will find a variety of choices for selection. Some mid sleepers come with tents underneath, some have desks, and some have plenty of other unique features that will surely inspire your kid. To fulfil your kids’ specific requirements, there are so many designs, colours and styles in mid sleeper bunk beds to choose from.

2- Mid Sleepers Add More Fun:
Mid sleeper bunk beds add a fun element to your kid’s room. Mostly, kids want something a little more exciting for their bedrooms where they can’t wait to go, to lay down and start their world of imagination and adventuring in their dreams. Some mid sleeper have tents underneath, so your kids can create a unique den, a house, a palace or simply a place where they can simply enjoy playing with friends. A mid sleeper not only provides a perfect place for your kids to enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep but also offers a creative place for them to relish fun activities.

3- Mid Sleepers Not Only Provide A Comfortable Sleep But A Plenty Of Storage:
Whilst offering a comfortable and sound sleep every night, these beds also provide plenty of storage facilities to meet your kid’s growing needs. Mid sleeper bunk beds come with a variety of storage facilities like bookcases, shelves, drawers, cupboards, chests of drawers and even with cubby holes where your kids can keep different items such as toys, games, etc. If your kid’s room is small, these storage options are perfect for keeping their rooms tidy and organized. Whatever your kids have a lot of, these beds can easily store all their belongings and essential items with their storage facilities.

4- Mid Sleepers Free More Room Space For Kids To Play:
Mid sleepers are not only perfect for storing your kid’s belongings but they are also great for freeing up more floor space in your kid’s room . Mostly, little ones need only a bed for sleeping and a place for playing but as they grow older, they will need a desk to do their homework as well as different storage options to store their books, games, toys, art accessories, etc. If your kid’s room is small or has limited space, along with their bed, the other bedroom furniture can take up an awful lot of room. A mid sleeper bunk bed with desk and other storage solutions could be the perfect option for your kid’s room. It helps you maximize the room space as well as gives you that little bit of space back that you didn’t have before. So, there is no need of any extra furniture pieces for your kid’s room.

5- Mid Sleepers Can Often Convert:
You can convert mid sleeper bunk beds into a single bed if required, once your kid has outgrown the fun side of it. In this way you can get two beds for the price of one, so bunk beds are considered as a great financial investment. You can also convert single beds into bunk beds again if your two kids want to share a room or your small child needs to move into the room of big one. Bunk beds are also perfect for friend’s sleep-over. Many furniture brands also offer an ingenious building system that gives total control and flexibility of the bed to parents as their kids grow. This system helps you start with a starter bed or single bed for your little kids and then you can raise the bed frame to a bunk bed, mid or high sleeper by using its clever extension kit for your adult kids. This building system also come with matching furniture pieces like bookcases, chests, desks, etc, to help you choose the right bedroom combination for your child as they grow.

Popular Types Available in the UK
Mid sleeper bunk beds not only provide comfort and support to your kids but also a perfect place where they feel safe and secure while sleeping. By maximizing your kid’s room space and storage, these beds offer a complete bedroom solution for your kids to sleep, study, storage and even play. When it comes to choosing the right mid sleeper that can fit your kid’s specific needs, you will find several different types of mid sleeper bunk beds in different configurations in the market to choose from. There are lots of designs, creative styles and combinations available, so, you can easily pick the one that best suits your kids taste, style and needs. Some mid sleepers come with storage cubes, bookcases, drawers, pull out desks and even with sleepover beds while some provide you a perfect place underneath to help your kids create a defined play area for them in their own bedrooms. Many designs in these beds also come with an under bed play tent where your kids can create their own little under-bed den or simply they can use the tent to hide away their belongings like toys, games, etc. Some popular types of fun-mid sleeper bunk beds are as follow:

– Mid Sleeper Bunk Beds With Ladders:
Mid sleepers with ladders are classic styled beds that are ideal for space saving. Their ladders are simple and easy to use plus you can position them to either the left or right hand side of the beds that suits your room’s layout. In addition, ladders are installed vertically or near-vertically against the bed frames, so the mid sleeper beds with easy to climb ladders will take up only the least amount of floor space.

– Mid Sleeper Bunk Beds With Desks:
Mid sleepers with desks are ideal space-saving solutions for small bedrooms where there is no space for a separate, full size desk. These fun and practical beds with desks are perfect for school-age children. The desks offer your kids a perfect place to do their study and homework tasks. Many mid sleepers come with pull-out desks, so your kids can easily slide them in and out when needed. These desks also have drawers and shelves to help your kids store their books, and other essential items easily.

– Mid Sleeper Bunk Beds With Slides:
Mid sleeper bunk beds with slides add an extra fun element to your kid’s room. If your kid’s room has a little more space to play with, the beds with slides are an ideal option to inject fun into your kid’s room. The installation of the slides is always in conjunction with ladders to ensure your kids can get into the bed safely and the slides are placed at the foot of the beds to give your little ones a more enjoyable way of getting out of bed every morning.

– Mid Sleeper Bunk Beds With Accessories:
Mid sleeper bunk beds comes with a variety of accessory options to add that final excitement and fun to your kid’s room. You will find many options in accessories to choose from and some of them are as follow:

1- Towers: Towers are specifically designed to sit over the top of a mid sleeper bed ladder or slide. Towers are available in a variety of colours and styles. These towers are easy to assemble, light-weight and safe. They feature a sturdy metal framework that come with different tower canvas design over the top.

2- Tenets: Tents are available in a variety of colours and styles to choose from. These decorative covering accessories are designed to surround the underneath space of the beds to create a tent-like effect. Mid sleepers with tents not only provide a perfect place for neatly hiding away your kid’s clutter beneath the bed but also offer a cosy, secret play area for kids.

3- Tunnels: Tunnels are built with a lightweight plastic tubing frame and they are easy to assemble and safe. Tunnels come in solid or windowed designs as well as in a range of colours to choose from. Top tunnels are designed to sit over the top of the bed bunk to help your kids create a cosy covered space to sleep and play under.

4- Pockets: Mid sleepers with handy pockets are ideal for storage. Pockets are designed with strong Velcro fastenings for easy and instant attachment with any bunk bed frame. These deep pockets with mid sleeper beds are perfect for storing toys, books, etc.

How To Choose A Mid Sleeper Bunk Bed
Have you ever considered a mid sleeper bed for your kid’s room? Choosing the right option for your kid’s room by keeping in mind your kid’s taste, style and need is not an easy task as it requires a lot of research. You can find broad selections of mid sleeper bunk beds from different brands and manufacturers online and onsite. They offer you unique and innovative furniture pieces that comply with your specific requirements. If you are not sure how to choose or buy a perfect mid sleeper bed for your kid’s room, don’t get panic. To make your research effort a little bit easy, we provide you the best information below in the answers of some questions that most of the parents have in their mind when they decide to choose a bunk bed for their kids’ rooms.

– When Making Your Choice, What Is Important To Consider
When you start your planning to buy a mid sleeper bunk bed of your choice, it is important to think about habits and hobbies of your kids. You should consider a bed that not only provides them a comfortable sleep but also fulfils their needs for fun activities as well as for study and storage.

– Which Design & Style Best Suits Your Kid’s room
When it comes to equipping your kid’s room, you will find a broad range of styles, colours and designs in mid sleeper bunk beds offered by different renowned furniture brands to make your selection process easy. Mid sleepers are designed to create more floor space in any small kid’s room to offer more area to kids for playing. These beds are practical, fun and multifunctional in use, so they minimize the need for extra furniture and storage facilities. You will find many useful space-saving designs like beds with pull-out desks, built-in wardrobes and shelving, etc as well as several attractive and exciting styles to choose from. So, pick the one that best fits your kid’s room specific needs.

– Stairs Or A Ladder, Which One Is Easy Option For Your Kid
If your kids are small, consider stairs as they are easier for them to climb up to the bed. For older kids, ladders are perfect option. Although both options are safe when used correctly, but depending on your kid’s age, you should consider what is an easy option for your kid.

– How You Can Use The Space Beneath The Bed
Mid sleeper bunk beds offer a great space underneath that can be used for a variety of purposes. Your kids can store their belongings easily there such as toys, games, etc. They can hid-away their clutter and can give a tidy look to their small rooms. Mid sleepers with tents are perfect for kids as they can help your kids to create their own play area. Your kids can also separate the sociable den area from the sleeping bunk. It is important to select a mid sleeper bunk bed that not only looks great but also offers a perfect place for your kid’s playful activities and for storing their belongings.

– Which Mattresses Is Best For Mid Sleepers
When choosing a bunk bed, make sure select a mattress that sits lower than the bed frame as this can prevent your child from rolling out. The depth of mattress should be considered when it comes to top bunks on mid and high sleepers. The depth of the mattress should be a maximum of 15cm but depending on the individual design, it is wise to check out the specifications to ensure you make the right choice.

– What Is The Certain Age Of Kids To Use Mid Sleeper Beds
Mid sleeper beds are perfect for the use of both younger kids and teenagers. Basically, it is the style you choose and how you customize it according to your kid’s needs that describes what age range the bed is best suitable for. Between the ages of 6 to 9 years, it is good to consider a mid sleeper with exciting plus fun style and colourful design or you can also choose themed bunk beds like pirate, princess, fairy, etc, that can turn your little ones’ room into their imagination world of play. Mid sleeper with shelving option can be the perfect solution for storing your little ones books and toys in a fun and tidy style.

For ages 10+ years, it is best to choose a modern design that adds an older, more teenage feel to your kid’s room. Opt for a stylish mid sleep that comes with a pull-out desk and bookshelf as this will provide you kids their own study area for doing their homework tasks. The desks with drawers are perfect for storing your kid’s books, art items, games, etc.

– Are Mid Sleeper Bunk Beds Safe For Your Kids?
Safety is of the utmost importance, when choosing a mid sleeper for your kid’s room. Mid sleepers are made by keeping in mind the safety standards of your kids and that is why these beds match up with all regulations to ensure your child will stay safe throughout the night. To protect your little ones from falling to the ground, you can also invest in some bed safety rails or a safety guard that will make these beds more secure for kids. Likewise, the mid sleepers with edging that rises above the mattress will make them secure and help your kids to enjoy a perfect sleep every night.

– Are Mid Sleeper Bunk Beds Durable and Will Last You Longer?
Mid sleeper bunk beds are sturdy and durable as they are constructed from high quality wood and metal. Metal bunk beds are contemporary and stylish, but they pose risks, especially to small kids. Wooden bunk beds are stylish, solid and heavy, so they are extra safe for kids. If you are looking for a mid sleeper that will last you for many years to come, choose neutral-coloured wooden bed frames as their timeless designs will complement any bedroom décor.

– Is Mid Sleeper Bunk Bed Will Offer You Good Value Of Money?
When choosing any a mid sleeper, it is important to consider that is this bed will offer you a good value of money or not. There are many furniture retailers and manufacturers that offer you amazing selections of mid sleepers to choose from at different prices. You can browse some of them online and can compare their prices, features and specifications before you settle on any one. When you select the bunk bed, make sure it will not break your bank as well as equipped with latest features.

– Is A Mid Sleeper Comes Fully Assembled Or Needs Assembly?
Mostly mid sleeper bunk beds come flat packed and require home assembly. You can easily assemble them at home without any hassle as they come with easy to follow instructions and full components for building the items. There are also several furniture stores and firms that will offer you their professional services to accomplish your assembly task. You can assemble simple bunk bed design at home but for intricate design, you need a professional help.

In a nutshell, whatever you decide, it is also important to take your kid’s opinion. Mid sleepers come in a wide range of different options and customizations, so, you can pick the one that is perfect, safe solution for your kid’s needs. Our online shop offers plenty of amazing designs and practical furniture pieces for your kids bedroom. For more, discover the newest collection of mid sleeper beds at Furniture Chelsea. Space saving in your children’s room has never been easier.