PodBed High Sleeper Gaming Bed

If you’re looking for a versatile and functional piece of furniture that’s perfect for both gaming and sleeping, this high sleeper gaming bed with built-in desk and open wardrobe is the ultimate solution. With its innovative design and premium quality construction, this bed is the perfect choice for any serious gamer or anyone who wants to optimize their space.

The bed is elevated, which maximizes floor space, and features a built-in sofa bed that provides a comfortable spot to lounge or sleep. The included open wardrobe ensures that you have plenty of storage space for your gaming gear and clothing, while the built-in desk with shelves and a pull-out keyboard tray offers a convenient and ergonomic workspace.

The bed is also equipped with built-in usb ports for charging, creating a fully immersive gaming environment. The charging ports ensure that you never run out of battery power, and the built-in ladder makes it easy to access the sleeping area.

The bed’s sturdy and durable construction guarantees that it can withstand regular use and will last for years to come. The clean, contemporary design of the bed makes it a stylish addition to any modern bedroom.


Overall Size: 2.4L x 1.33W x 1.84H m