Mid Sleeper Beds with Slide

Buy a stylish and practical mid sleeper bed with slide. We are featuring the most popular bunk bed designs available online. Perfect for space saving, playing as well as sleeping!

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Kids not only need a good sleep every night but also the different playful activities that will make them active, healthy and fit. If you want to shop a comfortable yet stylish bed for your kid’s room, a mid sleeper bed with slide is an ideal option as with its playful features, it can bring happiness every morning for kids. These beds are featuring integrated ladders for climbing up to the beds plus slides underneath the bedframes on the same or opposite sides to make them the perfect choice for playful and creative kids who are always looking for something new for their bedrooms. Beds with slides are safe than regular bunk beds that come only with ladders because these beds offer an even safer exit than stairs with their slides. You can also take the advantage of the underneath space of your mid sleeper bed and can add different accessories such as bed pockets and shelves for extra functionality and storage.

Kids will enjoy their beds not only at night time but also at day times by making fun with slides in a good mood. Mid sleeper beds with slides are available in eye-catching designs, alluring colours and fantastic styles. Their different engaging design options will take fun of your kids to another level. They are not only stylish and attractive but sturdy and durable as well. These beds are made from the very best quality materials like pine wood, etc. Every mid sleeper bed with slide is 100% safe for kids and built to withstand the rowdiest of sleepovers.

Our mid sleeper beds with slides also come in a variety of themes to suit all tastes. Whether you are looking for a tent and tower in princess pink theme for your girl or a pirate themed bed for your boy, you will find many options to choose from. These beds are suitable for kids of all ages, but generally, younger children love them more as they always looking to add a fun element into their bedroom by sliding out of bed in every morning. Mid sleeper beds with slides are delivered with easy to assemble instructions as well as with full components for building the items, so you can assemble it by yourself or you can get the help of professionals for your bed’s assembly task.