Happy Beds Milo Grey Mid Sleeper Bed

If you desire to buy high quality mid sleeper bed with a desk and other storage options, take a look at this mid sleeper bed from Happybeds brand. This high quality wooden bunk sleeper bed is a cozy sleep station that features a pull-out desk, large shelves and bookcase to help your kids to organize and store their belongings easily. You can also place the shelf unit separately in the room as it is not attached to the bed frame. The bed is constructed from sturdy and top quality wood. Its ladder and desk can be placed to any side, left or right depending on your taste and need. For more safety of your kids, this bed come with guard rails to both side as the head and foot ends are open slatted.


Overall Size: L205.7cm W109.2cm H120.2cm
Choose the frame only or one of the 4 available mattresses (memory foam, orthopaedic, pocket sprung or spring)

This mid sleeper bed is a modern sleep station with beautiful grey or white finish. The perfect addition to any kid’s bedroom. It features a pull-out desk, large shelves and storage spaces which will help your child to be organized.